The team at Fairfax is truly world-class. But more than that, there is a deep level of collaboration here. When you walk through our doors, you have a built in network of second and third opinions with doctors at the top of their game. We are always communicating, sharing our cases with each other, sharing insights, and pushing our standards towards higher medicine. This means incredible things for patient care. Which means incredible things for your pet.

There is a culture of taking care of people here. You and your pet are not another number here. We call after your visit to make sure everything is alright. We do the little things that show you we care. We pride ourselves on the level of accessibility we maintain. We delight in designing an environment where you can feel relaxed and among friends. To us, “customer-centric” is not just another word. It’s a perspective. Because you do no less.

Biology tells us you either grow or you decay. We choose to grow. Every year, we pick a new initiative to truly grow in. Whether it is investing in cutting-edge technology, upgrading our facilities, training in new techniques, or anything in between… we believe in a true growth mindset. It is something that is incredibly important to our team; that we are continuing to grow and push the envelope of what veterinary medicine can be. We do it because we believe that the love you share with your pet is precious, and deserves something special.

What they’re saying…

I took my red-eared slider turtle in to treat a respiratory disorder. Dr. Captanian examined her thoroughly and impressed me with her methods and diagnosis. She was very attentive to my questions, which were all answered to my satisfaction. At the end of the visit, she gave me a 2-page print of implementing proper care and diet for slider turtles. The cost of the visit was reasonable. The other staff to be very helpful. This is a clinic that really cares about the services they provide.

We always feel well taken care of here! Both our cats and our dog are happy here. Probably the best vet I’ve been to so far! They are professional and Everyone is really caring and attentive. Definitely would recommend this place to anyone.


Probably the best vet I’ve been to so far! They really know their stuff. Everyone is really caring and attentive. Definitely would recommend this place to anyone who cares about their loved ones and wouldn’t mind spending a little more than average. Although, we had a recent dental procedure performed on one of our cats and it was quite the sticker shock moment – to be fair though, he needed a couple teeth pulled and we haven’t been as diligent with his cleanings.


Best vets ever. Each one is highly professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. That goes for the staff as well. I feel all my animals are in very good hands. I have been with them since they started their practice and have never had any problems or reason to question their care. Again, best vets ever.