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8 Intriguing Dog Details

Dogs have been loyal companions to people for more than 10,000 years, and while you no doubt know your dog really well, some facts you likely don’t know. Our team at Fairfax Veterinary Clinic wants to help you get to know your dog better by providing interesting details about man’s best friend.  #1: Your dog’s [...]

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My Pet Is Coughing—Is It Serious?

In people, coughing can be irritating, and prevent us from resting comfortably when we’re sick. Despite the discomfort, coughing serves an important function—to clear the airways of mucus and debris. Pets cough for the same reasons, and experience the same discomfort. How do you know if your pet’s cough is a minor, or more serious, [...]

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Defining the Dental—What Happens When My Pet’s Teeth are Cleaned?

You’ve decided to prioritize your pet’s dental health and schedule a dental cleaning at Fairfax Veterinary Clinic—which is good. Or, maybe you’ve heard that your dog or cat needs a “dental” or a “dental prophylaxis,” but you’re not entirely sure what that includes, or why anesthesia is necessary. In recognition of National Pet Dental Health [...]

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Veterinary Overload—Why Getting an Appointment for Your Pet is Difficult

We realize that scheduling an appointment for your pet—sometimes for a service as simple as a nail trim—has become more difficult. What is behind the challenge to pin down your veterinarian? What can you do to ensure your pet receives care when needed? Read on to learn about the overwhelming situation facing the veterinary industry, [...]

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Top 3 Pet Holiday Hazards

The holiday season is upon us yet again. It's time to bust out the tiny ceramic village, pop the turkey in the oven, and welcome extended family into our homes. However, while we’re busy watching the endless stream of Hallmark movies and soaking up holiday cheer, we can easily forget that the holidays can present [...]

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Pet Emergencies

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, and our pets certainly deserve appreciation for the unconditional love, companionship, and the laughter they bring to our lives. Show your pet how grateful you are by protecting them from the top five Thanksgiving pet emergencies—and end your holiday with dessert, not a trip to Fairfax Veterinary Clinic. #1: Pancreatitis in [...]

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Emergency Pet Predicaments

When your pet is affected by a medical issue, they can’t tell you their symptoms, which makes deciding if the issue requires immediate medical care difficult. Should you rush them to the emergency veterinary hospital, make an appointment for the next business day, or monitor the issue at home? Our team at Fairfax Veterinary Clinic [...]

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