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Preventing Leptospirosis in Pets: Why it Matters

Leptospirosis describes the condition caused by the bacterial organism, Leptospira. There are several strains of this unique, spiral-shaped bacterium, which all survive well in warm, moist environments for long periods if the climate is right. But, that doesn’t mean that leptospirosis, often abbreviated to lepto, is hiding only in stagnant puddles or pools in South [...]

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5 Essential Disaster Preparations for Pets

Disaster can strike at any moment, and you never know what form it may take—we’re looking at you, COVID-19. In addition to global pandemics, California experiences more than its fair share of natural disasters, like earthquakes and wildfires. We’ve also had to provide as many services as possible during planned power outages this year. 2020 [...]

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How to Help Your Pet Handle the Dog Days of Summer

Summer’s high temperatures and humidity are some of the biggest threats to your furry pal’s health, but relatively mild temperatures in the 70s also can pose an overheating risk for pets, especially if they’re left in cars. In addition to the typical dangers of corn on the cob, unattended swimming pools, and explosive fireworks, keep [...]

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FAQs About COVID-19 and Pets

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, and despite daily briefings, we continue to learn new information about the novel coronavirus. As a pet owner, you not only have your two-legged family members to worry about—we know you also have concerns about your pet. We are here to answer your frequently asked questions about COVID-19 [...]

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Harriet’s Hay Fever: How to Help Your Pet Handle Allergies

Allergies in pets are becoming more common, with many pets suffering from seasonal or year-round allergies. As spring fully blooms, and summer is around the corner, environmental allergies kick into high gear, for pets and people alike. If your pet has a story similar to itchy Harriet’s springtime flare-up, contact us for an appointment, to [...]

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