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Beware Deadly Grasses: How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Foxtail Grasses

Foxtail plants are spiny-headed weeds, notorious for burrowing under skin and potentially killing pets. Foxtails are prevalent in drier western states—particularly California—but can be found almost anywhere in North America. These prickly weeds thrive in overgrown parks, open fields, and along hiking trails and roadsides, and easily burrow into their next adventurous victim. Foxtails, also [...]

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Prepare Your Pet for an Emergency

California has seen numerous large scale and devastating wildfires in the past few years, and is also at risk for earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. As we approach summer and peak wildfire season, we thought it would be helpful to discuss emergency preparedness for pets. Preparation is important in any emergency situation. As you [...]

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Puppy Training Basics

Adding a new puppy to your family is an opportunity to build new memories, but first you must teach her good habits. Help her make a smooth transition into your home by showing her how to adapt to the unfamiliar environment, learn what is expected as a new household member, and settle into a routine. [...]

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Optimizing Oral Health in Your Pet: Undergoing a COHAT

We brush and floss our teeth on a daily basis, but we still visit our dentist for professional cleanings and evaluations. Our pets should receive the same concern regarding their dental hygiene, since it is such an important component of their overall well-being. To give every pet the advantage of a healthy mouth, Fairfax Veterinary [...]

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Deeper Than the Roots: How Dental Health Affects Your Pet’s Entire Body

Do you believe that poor dental care only causes red gums and stinky breath? Think again. Periodontal problems can lead to widespread infection throughout your pet’s entire body, and can also complicate the management of other diseases, such as diabetes. Begin a well-rounded dental health care plan as soon as you welcome a new pet [...]

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