Smile, Baby

You’re gonna look good.



Portrait of a cute white long-haired Maltese. The puppy is 4 month old on the picture
  • Bathing. Bathing a pet can be difficult for some pet owners, their fur can clog the drain, and the weather and a cold hose often make bathing them outside impractical and unpleasant. Let us help with a bath and blow dry! We even have medicated shampoos for medical skin conditions, and regular shampoos and conditioners for routine bathing.
  • Toenail trimming. Our experts can clip your pet’s toenails quickly and efficiently to minimize stress.
  • Anal gland expression. All dogs and cats have anal glands, but only some need them expressed. This rather unpleasant task is something that many pet owners dislike doing. We can perform anal gland expression for pets in need.
  • Brushing. Our pet fur brushing services can help ensure that your pet doesn’t have loose and stray hairs in his or her coat. This can make it easier to keep your home clean.
  • Fur trimming. We’ll cut your pet’s fur to its ideal length to ensure that your pet looks great and feels comfortable. However, we are unable to offer “breed standard” hair styles.
  • Medical grooming. For pets with medical conditions of the coat and skin, ranging from skin infections to sores to matted fur, our team of technicians work closely with our veterinarians to ensure that your pet gets the care it needs.
  • Exotic pets. We also offer a range of grooming services for exotic pets, including wing and nail trims for birds, nail trims for small mammals and “pocket pets”, and medicated baths for certain medical conditions for small mammals.


Toy Poodle Dog
  • Beauty. Pets look their best after they’re groomed. At Fairfax Veterinary Clinic in Marin County, CA, our staff will trim your pet’s fur and clean your pet’s coat to ensure that your pet looks beautiful when the grooming is over. *Note: At this time, we are unable to offer “breed standard” hair styles.
  • Convenience. Getting your pet professionally groomed prevents you from having to do this on your own. For busy working pet owners, this frees up more time for you to spend playing with your pet. And to make it even more convenient, you can drop your pet off for their grooming services, allowing you to run errands, go to work, pick up the kids, or whatever else you may need or want to do.
  • Pest control. Pets can get fleas, ticks, and other skin parasites or infections. Having your pet groomed in our veterinary clinic will ensure that these problems are dealt with appropriately, and our veterinarians can work with you to help prevent these things in the future.
  • Accident prevention. Sometimes a pet’s long toe nails can get in the way, making them slip or otherwise causing accidents. Long toe nails are also at risk of catching on things and breaking, causing pain or infection.
  • Damage control. Those long toe nails can also wreak havoc on hardwood floors and upholstered furniture.
  • Assistance for older or ill pets. Some older pets lose the physical ability to groom themselves, and some ill patients “mess” themselves, so getting your pet professionally groomed can help your pet stay clean.