Why Your Fairfax Veterinarian Recommends Veterinary Pet Boarding

Nothing beats a nice long vacation to separate you from your troubles. Unfortunately, it can also separate you from your beloved pets — and if you spend all your time away worrying about their welfare, you may not find your vacation a very restful one at all. At such a time, it’s great to know you have a safe, loving place for your pet to stay during your absence, complete with ready access to a skilled Fairfax veterinarian. Here at Fairfax Veterinary Clinic, we’re happy to provide that place through our Fairfax pet boarding services!

Sometimes bringing your pet along on vacation with you just isn’t a good idea, from the difficulties of finding pet-friendly accommodations to the general chaos of traveling long distances with an animal and the stress that many animals experience during travel. But that doesn’t mean your pets should sit alone at home. Many animals don’t do well without a human presence, and a brief daily visit/feeding from a neighbor isn’t enough. This is especially true if your pet has special medical challenges that require close attention from your veterinarian in Fairfax. Even if your pets are healthy, a sudden unexpected veterinary crisis could still occur — with no one to notice or respond.

How Pet Boarding with our Fairfax Veterinarians Is Different

When you schedule pet boarding in Fairfax, your pet’s health is in good hands throughout your vacation. Your veterinarian in Fairfax (Dr. Wentzell, Dr. Goetting, Dr. Morey, Dr. Pipkin, or Dr. Kristensen) can keep an eye on your furry friend’s health and wellness at all times. If your pet requires especially close monitoring and treatment due to a chronic medical condition, old age or some other circumstance, our trained team is right there to provide it. In fact, the confidence you may have in our Fairfax pet boarding service might just be reassuring enough to boost your own well-being by allowing you to relax fully and enjoy your vacation time!

And if you’d like, you can even schedule a bath, nail trim, or any other necessary procedure while they are here, so that you don’t have to deal with it when you get home.

Boarding your pets with your veterinarian and our team of trained attendants and assistants in Fairfax during your vacation gives them a fun change of pace as well. Many of our regulars come running in to the boarding area because they enjoy their stays.  We take care to provide comfortable, spacious indoor runs for dogs, who receive at least two invigorating walks per day. We also understand the need to keep our dog boarding and cat boarding areas separate, since cats prefer calm, quiet surroundings. By the way, we don’t draw the line at dog boarding and cat boarding; we can also board certain exotic animals and pocket pets such as reptiles, birds, rabbits and small rodents. Your pet will enjoy all the comforts of home, attentive people, and top-quality care. What more could any vacationer ask, human or otherwise?

Schedule Fairfax Pet Boarding from Your Fairfax and San Anselmo Veterinarian Today

If you’re excited about arranging Fairfax pet boarding from your Fairfax and San Anselmo veterinarian, also serving San Rafael and the entire Ross Valley, call 415-454-8204 right now to get the details and book your pet’s stay. We can advise you of any vaccination updates or other preparations your pet may need while making sure your pet’s “vacation” is reserved!